Fine Art Presentation Boxes

Beautiful prints need both protection and a great presentation. You get just that with our fine print boxes. Made by hand from a super rigid wooden board and covered with one of many gorgeous linens.

Available in two styles:
- Clamshell box closed with discrete magnets with single or duo compartments
- Lid Box with a separate lid.

Standard internal height is 2.5cm / 1" but if you order prints along we will make sure they fit.
Every box has a ribbon attached to the bottom which helps lifting prints.
There are several options like single/double compartment, USB compartment in the bottom or logo laser etched or stamped.

We can make a custom design to match your branding while standard sizes are 4x6" - 12x18"

Wooden boxes for prints

Lovely and smooth wooden boxes for prints closed with a slide-in lid. Optional compartment for USB DRIVE