The People

1st march 2017

Hi !
Let’s start from the introduction, my name is Pawel, some of you already met me some of you did not, in this company my main task is to educate, build community and urge to print every single piece of your own work.

In this first post of our blog I would like to tell you little about the people behind this company, we are a small company based in Poland – Marcin who is the owner and CEO started this business in 2007 – this year we will celebrate our 10th anniversary. The idea of the company was brought to life by the needs of the market – Marcin on the time when he was a wedding photographer needed a good quality standards albums – however he never found any good company in Poland so he opened his own ! This company was built from the scrap, first Marcin was working alone on every single album few years later the need of the market was expending on that time Marcin decided to hire more people

I joned the company in late 2013 year where I started as UK Representative, my main goals were to get more people on board with the QTAlbums. This path was very difficult and long but we met amazing people because of it. The big game changer was LOOKSLIKEFILM and Snap Photography Festivals where it just created amazing hype about QTAlbums. Lukas Piatek of LOOKSLIKEFILM and Laura Babb of Snap Photography Festival, on this date we didn’t received an business exposure and hype – we made friendships, business partners which eventually create experience – we can’t list all the feelings that could describe the fact that we share the mission with SNAP Photography Festival and LOOKSLIKEFILM! Our friends on SNAP and LLF were the major reason of evolvement of this company and my own.

The people – it is about them this post, it is about you! It is a fact that all over this years we gain position on the market and the trust – which is one of the most important parts of the business. Having a pint of a beer somewhere in Wales around campfire as main sponsors of SNAP Photography Festival, then having a Karaoke night in New York City with the ChooChoo Campers were the experience of a one time in life. That is why we put faith in people, in you that you will still be doing the amazing photographs, making your couples smile and your business shine.

Right now QTAlbums is on a path of changes, adapting to the new reality of the company, at the moment our employees count 10y women and 4 men, all this beautiful albums are made by purists of the hand crafting techniques. To keep on this amazing path of the progress we again need people, and I mean by that – Photographers, QTAlbums Staff Members, our Partners and our beautiful couples to print in albums !

Photo by Beatrice & Alberto
Thank you Pawel & QTAlbums Team